RESIDENTS along a road between Bow Street and Llangorwen spent last week ‘sandbagging’ outside their homes as pools of water gathered outside a row of houses.

John Morgan and the residents living on Blaen Ddol road have watched as water pooled along the road, the fields opposite their houses, and their own back gardens.

Mr Morgan, who has lived in the area for 23 years, said the problem is a result of inadequate drain systems running underneath Blaen Ddol road and out into a gully on private land. John has been ‘fighting’ for something to be done for the last 20 years.

The water pooled on the road and inset in gardens

Despite this, he has struggled to find support from Ceredigion County Council, who claim the issue is not their responsibility, as part of the drain is on private land.

A spokesperson for Ceredigion County Council said: “Ceredigion County Council is not aware of any issues having been raised with it in relation to highway drainage matters affecting this location. Residents are reminded that should they wish the council to investigate matters of concern then they should raise those directly with the council.

“Residents are also reminded that drainage assets which are located on private land, such as ditches and culverts, are for the landowners to maintain.”

John claims workers from Welsh Water come to clear the drains every year. However, the problem itself has never been solved. A spokesperson for the company claims it is not Welsh Water’s responsibility to change the drain system.

The responses from both organisations have caused frustration for the residents, who say it’s a ‘hot potato’ situation, where no one is taking responsibility.

John, who spoke to the Cambrian News alongside an unnamed resident living in the same row of houses, said: “I believe the drainage system needs a complete refitting here, water just builds up and there is only one small grid draining it. The drain sits below a row of hedges, so when those hedges are trimmed, the twigs and leaves from it block the drain.

“We’ve had a problem with flooding here for the last 20 years, it’s like we’re the forgotten road. My garage has structural damp because of the pools of water, and aside from raising the driveway, which would cost thousands and may not even help, I don’t know what else we can do.

“Both the council and Welsh Water are aware of the problems but neither will take action. It’s like a hot potato situation where responsibility is thrown back and forth.”

Though he and the residents on Blaen Ddol road have battled the issue for the last 20 years, John has been particularly concerned over the amount of rain that has fallen in recent weeks, and how sodden the ground is, making floods even more likely.

He said: “I’ve been out buying sandbags this morning, because this is the highest I’ve ever seen the water get. I have had water leak into the garage before. The water can smell quite contaminated, and it leaves thick piles of sludge all over the property, around the garage and the back door.