NFU Cymru is streaming two food and farming live lessons to schools across Wales on Wednesday 21 June, as part of the union’s annual Welsh Farming Week.

The first of its kind in Wales, the live lessons will be available in both English (11am) and Welsh (2pm), and are designed for children aged seven to 11 years old.

To enhance the learning experience, curriculum-aligned, bilingual resources will also be made available to schools, with cross-curricular tasks providing an extension to the live lesson learning.

NFU Cymru deputy president Abi Reader said: “We want to bring the farmyard to the classroom with an opportunity for every primary school in Wales to join the learning in an interactive way.

“The aim of the lessons will be about re-engaging pupils with Welsh food and farming and giving them an insight into what happens on a working farm – all while helping teachers to deliver the new curriculum for Wales.

“We are hoping to engage with thousands of pupils through this initiative and help further promote the Welsh language by having a dedicated Welsh language lesson in the afternoon.”

NFU Education’s previous Science Farm Live initiative has been hugely popular across the UK, with over 4,500 schools joining in this year. NFU Cymru are hoping to harness the expertise of NFU Education and provide a bespoke offering in Wales, making the learning experience inclusive to every pupil whether in an English or Welsh-speaking class.