A 'very special' cow-coloured cat has gone missing, triggering a county-wide search.

The nine-year-old domestic short-hair called Moo was last seen on fireworks night in his home in Goginan.

The extroverted animal who waltzed into owner Wendi Jones’ life six years ago has seemingly waltzed out of it again by refusing to return home.

The bubbly cat often joined walks with Wendi, her 15-year-old daughter and Moo’s three dog-siblings, but six weeks ago took a stroll too far.

The cat’s wanderings have since triggered a county wide search with posters covering lampposts, a letterbox campaign to neighbours, nearby primary schools on the lookout, an ‘Missing’ ad in Cambrian News and even his own Facebook page amassing 105 followers to try and find the beloved cat.

Mum of one Wendi, 52, fears Moo may have been adopted by a well-meaning elder but is now pleading for the return of her truanting black and white puss.

Wendi, a double-glazing seller, said: “My daughter and I are distraught. Our beautiful cat, Moo, went missing on fireworks night and we’ve been searching for him since.

“He is such a special part of our family and we are hoping for a Christmas Miracle to get our beautiful boy home.

“He comes for walks with us and our three dogs, he greets visitors, both ours and next doors'. Their grandchildren play outside with him when they visit. He's part of our family and very much missed.”

Since he was last seen in a neighbours garden on Nov 5, Moo was most recently spotted yesterday (Dec 13) “ at the very top of Dole”, Ceredigion, and heading towards Penrhyn-coch.

If the sighting of the black and white patched cat were accurate, he would have had to traverse a hilly range of over six miles and endure sub-zero conditions during recent frosty weeks.

However this isn’t the first time Moo has played the runaway. Moo arrived into the Jones’ family’s lives after arriving one day and refusing to leave six years ago.

Wendi found Moo’s owner via Facebook and attempted to return Moo, but after Moo arrived back at Wendi’s backdoor for the third time, she gave up.

If you’ve seen Wendi’s wayward ward, contact her on [email protected] or 07966 633685.