A warning has been issued to Aberwennol beach-goers after 53 discarded dog poo bags were found in a black container.

Borth resident Hannah Mann catalogued her findings on social media after going out litter picking last week. 

She and others filled two bags of recycling with discarded drinks bottles, cans and disposable barbeques. 

They were also able to fill an entire black bin bag with the 53 poo bags that Ms Mann said were hidden out of sight in the large black container 

She praised many for picking up rubbish, particularly heavy items, and taking it above the tideline to avoid polluting the sea.  

She said: “Some good news and some bad. It seems that this area is a place where conscientious people have been putting rubbish that they have picked up from the beach, placing it all in one area above the tideline is a great idea, especially the bits that are too heavy to carry home.  

“This should be encouraged. However, because rubbish attracts rubbish, less conscientious people have thought that this is a general bin area (it is not!) and have added their own litter that they should be taking home.  

“We have started by clearing the added litter. Over the coming weeks we aim to clear this area.  

“We want to encourage people to continue to clean the beach, and put flotsam and jetsam here, but at the same time not to add their own litter.  

“Please, please don’t leave your poo bags here.  

“In large quantities dog poo is toxic to the plants and animals, and the plastic bags are just adding plastic to the ecosystem, also it’s really, really disgusting picking up old poo bags.  

“Together we can make a cleaner better planet for all of us.”