Dr Louisa Taylor is leading a new project at Aberystwyth University that seeks to uncover the people who lived in medieval Aberystwyth and their connections to the wider world outside.

Alongside Dr Rhun Emlyn, the ‘Discovering Medieval Aberystwyth: Creating a ‘sense of place’ through a study of the past’ project is a collaboration between the university’s Department of History and Welsh History, the National Library of Wales, Ceredigion Archives, the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales and Ceredigion Museum.

As part of the project, Dr Taylor and Dr Emlyn have been hosting a series of public events showcasing their research into medieval Aberystwyth. The next event is ‘Darganfod Aberystwyth Canoloesol mewn Llawysgrifau: Discovering Medieval Aberystwyth in Manuscripts,’ which will take place on Thursday, 20 April, at the National Library of Wales.

This event will feature talks by members of the project as well as performances of poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, composed in medieval Llanbadarn.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to view an exhibition of manuscripts and medieval documents related to Llanbadarn and Aberystwyth.

The exhibited manuscripts and documents tell the stories of the families who lived in the town of Aberystwyth and the surrounding countryside from 1100 to 1500 and showcase the variety of literature that was produced in this area.

One of the items to be featured in the exhibition at the National Library of Wales is a document outlining a gift from a woman named Matilda, who was the wife of one William Pencoyd, to her son Robert from 1332. The list of witnesses to this gift can provide clues as to the day-to-day interactions of people living in the medieval town of Aberystwyth and the countryside beyond. This document’s witness list includes, for example, important local men such as John de Montgomery, the Constable of the castle, and provides clues to the families that remained living in this area.

Another document on display has two medieval seals attached.

These seals were used to identify the parties who were involved in the agreement outlined in the document and the images included on the seals provide useful evidence for how these men wished to present themselves in public.

More information on how to book a place for the Darganfod Aberystwyth Canoloesol mewn Llawysgrifau: Discovering Medieval Aberystwyth in Manuscripts event can be found on the National Library of Wales website.

To find out more about the project, please email Louisa on [email protected] or Kate at [email protected].

Follow the project on Facebook by searching for ‘Darganfod Aberystwyth Canoloesol - Discovering Medieval Aberystwyth’.

Tomorrow’s talk takes place on Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.

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