A former police officer who pleaded guilty to three offences of sexual assault will be barred from policing.

Joseph Robinson, who appeared at Chester Crown Court on 8 February, was the subject of a Police Misconduct Hearing at Force Headquarters, Colwyn Bay on 6 March.

Robinson was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Discreditable Conduct and placed on the ‘Barred List’, meaning he will never serve as a police officer again.

Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman KPM said: ‘‘I have been explicitly clear that all my officers and staff must conduct themselves to the highest standards that the public have a right to expect.

“Robinson’s behaviour was totally unacceptable and incompatible with his role which should have been dedicated to protecting the communities of North Wales.

“Violence against women and girls is a national focus for policing and there is no place for Robinson’s behaviour in our society and certainly not in North Wales Police.

“As the All-Wales Police Lead for Violence Against Women and Girls I have zero tolerance towards anyone who perpetrates offences such as these. Being an officer in north Wales is a privilege and a responsibility; officers and staff that offend in this way can expect the most serious sanction.”