Golden opportunity missed

Tuesday 19th January 2021 6:00 am

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Planning permission has been granted for a soft play area and cafe on a site adjacent to the busy A487 between Llwyncelyn and Llanarth. it appears from the report in your paper that the council’s officers have made this decision despite ‘numerous objections’. I fail to understand why this application wasn’t discussed by our elected councillors.

Ceredigion County Council has declared a climate emergency.We as constituents can therefore expect pro-active policies that encourage walking and cycling as well as the use of public transport.The site has no footpath/cycle way. Parents with young children who live in Llanarth or Llwyncelyn quite rightly should be able to use this site when not in possession of a car, and there are plenty such parents.The council requested that the developer provide a walking/cycling link to Llwyncelyn, but failed to insist on it. They simply caved in when the developer in a revised transport statement submitted that there is ‘very little demand for these forms of access onto site’.

No parent in their right mind would walk or cycle with their tots on the stretch of A487 under discussion. Of course there is no demand as without a path it’s far too dangerous. But, if combatting climate change is part of the council’s stated responsibility, it should enable such transport and encourage people out of their cars.

Here was a golden opportunity for our council to show leadership by being pro-active in its environmental and social goals.It has failed utterly.

Ian Foster Ffosyffin

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