My name is Karen Bradley and I have been working in the health and fitness industry for nearly 20 years. During that time, I have worked as a personal trainer, taught group fitness and managed my own independent fitness facility.

Being a busy mum of two and working very hard at both my career and family life I soon realised that I was definitely lacking something nutritionally and it was beginning to affect my day. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder which affects energy and weight management, despite being very active this was a constant struggle for me.

When I started to look at my own nutrition, implement a balanced breakfast and eat more regularly throughout the day it had a really positive impact on how I felt. I lost two stone, noticed a massive improvement in my energy levels, as did my performance both with work, family and fitness.

I could see that while I was helping many gain fitness, because we weren’t addressing their nutrition it was impacting on their efforts. I became massively passionate about helping people find a simple way to get the best nutrients into their day.

The results from how I feel (I actually feel better now in my 40s than I ever did in my 20s) and helping others gets me fired up and excited.

Nutrition Wales Ignite Your Spark
Ignite Nutrition offers a free consultation (Ignite Nutrition)

I opened Ignite Nutrition last August as I really wanted to provide some face-to-face support and after the last few years felt that for many feeling part of a positive community was really important. The results we are getting are so inspiring.

We are a nutrition club so help people feel healthier by coaching in weight loss, healthy weight gain, general wellness and sports nutrition. The knock-on impact of how that benefits people is such a joy to be a part of. Confidence builds, joints ease, sleep improves and the stories of people's personal wins are astonishing.

We teach healthy active lifestyle habits with balance; nothing is off limits completely and we are not looking for quick fixes but long-term sustainable results that you can fit into your normal day and build habits that step by step add up. Not every day is perfect by I love to hold people’s hand through the process of ‘Finding their Spark' again.

Nutrition Wales Ignite Your Spark
Karen Bradley offers face-to-face support (Ignite Nutrition)

In a face-to-face setting, we can really build relationships and focus on helping people with their personal struggles, coaching a healthy mindset, accountability and give guidance on food inspiration and meal planning. It’s the food you are eating which makes that difference.

We are very different from anything out there which is why we offer a FREE consultation for people to come along and have a chat with us and we can spend a bit more time to get to see what your goals are, where you are now and we can then explain how our outstanding support and coaching in a positive space gets fantastic results.

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