HOLOCAUST Memorial Day will be remembered with a special display at Borth Community Hub this week.

From Tuesday 23 January to Monday 29 January 2024, there will be a display at Borth Community Hub to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day – a day which is held annually to mark the liberation of Auschwitz on 27 February 1945.

The display is being organised by local resident, Jackie Bat-Isha, whose grandfather Leib Nussbaum and countless members of her extended family were murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp.

Lieb Nussbaum
Jackie Bat-isha’s grandfather, Lieb Nussbaum, was killed in 1942 (Picture supplied)

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust encourages people to learn lessons from the past and keep on taking steps to challenge hatred and persecution.

The theme this year is The Fragility of Freedom and this year it is clearer then ever how fragile our freedom can be.

Holocaust Memorial Day is a time to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust alongside the millions of people murdered during more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Marking Holocaust Memorial Day is not subject to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, or conflicts anywhere else, the trust who organise the event says.

It is a day when we remember those millions who were murdered because of something that made them who they were – for example their ethnicity or faith.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s statement on recent events in the Middle East speaks of the barbaric massacre of innocent Israelis and other civilians by Hammas on 7 October 2023.

They speak also of the deaths and desperate ongoing suffering of innocent Palestinian citizens.

The Trust states: “We are deeply affected by the resulting division and hostility in societies globally, including here in the UK. Since 7 October 2023 the Community Security Trust (CST) has reported a steep rise in antisemitic incidents and Tell MAMA has logged notable increases in anti-Muslim hatred in the UK.

"This is a direct expression of the conflict playing out in our communities and it is vital that we unite against it.”

All are invited to watch the Holocaust Memorial Day UK Ceremony online before placing a small candle safely in their window and taking part in the Light the Darkness national moment at 8pm on Saturday 27 January.

You can register your virtual attendance to watch curated moments from the ceremony on www.hmd.org. Everyone is welcome.

Civic buildings in Aberystwyth and throughout the UK will be illuminated in purple to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.