Letter to the Editor: Re Cambrian coast heavily polluted, (Cambrian News, 12 April)

Sewage is a valuable gas/power producer. We should use it, not dump it.

This begs another question: How clean is our drinking water?

Sewage is nine-tenths water. After removing the solids much of the remaining water must find its way back into the river, along with phosphates, agricultural run off and a cocktail of spent medication that has passed through our systems!

The Teifi flows through seven large towns and conurbations before it gets to the sea. I understand that our household water supply is taken out of the Teifi at Llechryd, treated and made clean enough to drink. But how pure is it, particularly in high summer when the local population is at its peak and water levels are at their lowest?

We know that the Thames and other rivers too have their problems. Surely it is time we re-thought this whole issue and tackled a problem that will only get bigger.

Malcolm Headley, Llwyndafydd

Editor’s note: Yes Malcolm, it really has hit the fan.