Letter to the Editor: I read with interest the excellent article It’s time for a grown-up debate on the NHS by Patrick Loxdale (Right Field, Cambrian News, 15 February). Having inside information gives this view point much credence.

I too have had recent first-hand experience of care  in Bronglais Hospital initially in A&D and then as a patient in the surgical unit, day surgery and wards.

 In the same issue, aspects of NHS care are commented on in another very informative piece by Patrick O’Brien (Frankly Speaking, Cambrian News, 15 February). The importance of good team work in the health care sector is highlighted. My own perspective is entirely supportive of this observation.

From the staff on reception in A&E, dealing with fractious and demanding people kindly and sensitively, to the skill and kindness of the  surgical team, this was exemplified. The team worked like a well-oiled machine.

Every member of  staff served us well, kindly and knowledgeably.

Being an inpatient is a salutary experience.

It’s both humbling and, from my perspective, it was deeply reassuring.

As a retired nurse, I too have an ‘inside story’ that informed me better than any classroom.

 I’m very thankful indeed to be restored to health, and indebted to the wonderful care that Bronglais hospital provides.

We are truly blessed to be in receipt of such a service in these trying times.

A big clap all round.

Lesley Pitchford,