A paramedic has been struck off for telling a patient he would ‘break her f****** arm’.

William Munro, who was living in Machynlleth at the time of the incident, was struck off in December after it was found that his ‘fitness to practice’ had been ‘impaired’.

The 68-year-old from Glasgow was found by the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS) to have sworn and used ‘unnecessary physical force’ when moving a patient into a wheelchair during an incident on 6 Jan 2019.

Whilst working for the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Munro was called to help colleagues with an intoxicated patient who had tried to end her life and had become verbally abusive to staff.

When transferring the patient from the floor to a wheelchair Munro held the patient by the face and arm and said: “Do that again and I will break your f****** arm.”

According to the review panel, Munro was the most senior clinician at the scene, accompanied by a junior paramedic on her fourth shift.

Munro already had two previous suspension orders, including for refusing to attend 999 calls.

He was struck off after a hearing on 19 December. The watchdog said: “The Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) submits that a strike-off order would be both ­necessary for the protection of the public and it is otherwise in the public interest.

“In light of the gravity of the allegations, lack of insight and remorse, the HCPC submits that a second extension of the suspension order would not be proportionate.”

A previous statement made by Munro said that he accepted he was “out of order”, adding: “I reacted badly and allowed my feelings to get the better of me. I was in the wrong.

“My language was improper, my manner brusque at best, and I was over assertive with the patient and in my use of equipment... I believe that my actions at the event were wrong but not as blameworthy as has been proposed…

“Overall, I do not believe that any further sanction is either required or necessary. I present no danger to the public and I do cherish my professional registration.”

In November 2023 Munro wrote to the HCPTS explaining he had retired to Australia and had “no intention of seeking employment again in any form” so would not appear at the December hearing.

He had worked for the Welsh Ambulance Service since 2014.