Was the mayor’s parade in Aberystwyth a parade or a demonstration? First, why was it on the same day as the more relevant, annual Race for Life?

Second, why was it moved from a mid-morning parade to a lunch-time parade?

More importantly, why was there an absence of the important cadet forces, sea, army and RAF? For as long as I can remember, they have been part of the mayor’s parade. These groups do so much for the young people of Aberystwyth.

It has been said that the parade was to celebrate the diversity of the town, but it didn’t.

This mayor’s parade, which should have had some dignity, seemed to be a demonstration about refugees. There is nothing wrong with having participants from other countries (in fact they bring extra colour).

Apart from the council dignitaries, who could not even walk with some semblance of order, the Cubs and Scouts, and town band, there was nothing really representing the town.

Even the refugees that Aberystwyth has recently welcomed from Syria seemed to be absent. There was no Syrian flag.

Finally, when having this type of parade, please, no hand-painted bed-linen stretching across the road.

If this is the best the town can arrange it would be better not to bother.

Yours etc,

Chris Samuel, William Street, Aberystwyth.

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