The people of Aberystwyth are invited along to the bandstand this Saturday (11 May) to meet some other local residents who need their help.

The dogs of Hector's Greyhound Rescue will be there from 11am until 3pm to promote adoption from the rescue centre and raise awareness about the beauty and companionship this particular breed can bring to their new families.

April was Adopt A Greyhound Month, organised to dispel myths about a type of dog that is more accurately described as a 40mph couch potato.

Greyhounds love quick bursts of speed, but they don't require long walks as they're much happier snuggled on a sofa.

Whether you’re considering adopting a greyhound or simply want to spend some time with these gentle creatures, everyone is invited.

There will also be stalls where visitors can buy greyhound-themed merchandise, so don't forget your cash!

"Come and meet our fantastic dogs," says Hector's founder Hayley Bradley, "and find out more about greyhound adoption, care and welfare.

“We are so grateful for the support of everyone in our local area, and the dogs can't wait to say hello!"