Work has begun to repair a Scout hall in Porthmadog damaged during Storm Ciara, but more money is needed.

The floor, walls and electrics of the hall were affected by flood water on Sunday, 9 February, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

A fundraising page was set up by the group and in last week’s Cambrian News, acting leader Liz Bosley appealed to the public to help save the building and safeguard the future of Scouting in the area.

So far £810 has been raised and repairs are being made.

Liz said: “We have been loaned five dehumidifiers for the HQ. That gave us a few days to dry the carpet to make it easier taking it up.

“We went in yesterday to empty them for what was probably the 100th time and the concrete flooring has begun to show signs of improvement.

“We’ve also cleaned and thrown away everything under the stairs storeroom that was damage and are also in the process of drying there out.”

She went on: “If we could get another carpet it would be great. We don’t really like the idea of the younger Beavers and Cubs playing games on it as it’s a risk to their safety.

“This is due to us reassessing the damage to the electrical and it’s going to cost more than what we thought in order to make it flood-proof and us to standard.

“We’ve also applied to the Wilkinson’s community fund to aid us in covering the cost for further cleaning products as well need to bleach clean and seal the concrete floor and repainting should be need (and it’s likely we will) need to remove the pasting wall coverings.”

Liz added: “We were far more prepared for Storm Dennis.

“We phoned the council and they provided us with sandbags for both the doors. And we’d already taken up the carpet by this point. Storm Dennis made a mess of outside more than anything.”

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