AN Aberystwyth University graduate has been commissioned by the BFI and Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff to produce a short film.

Alister Malcolm, 23, attended Aberystwyth University to study filmmaking, since graduating last year Alister has had his work featured in the Ceredigion Museum, worked on a feature length film and has now been commissioned to produce his own work for the British Film Institute.

The short film entitled Suit Yourself follows an anthropomorphic suit observing the world on its way to a job interview.

Alister made the film in collaboration with two other former Aberystwyth University students, Jacob Horsnell and Tobias Little.

When discussing the inspiration for the short, Alister said: “I recently got my old prom suit out and laid it down on a chair, I thought it looked quite visually interesting so took a photo. This spurred me to start brainstorming ideas around a story involving an empty suit.

“Working with my writer friend we set on creating a story around a suit going to an interview! Originally, I intended to perhaps make the film darker, about the monotonous nine to five and how people in office jobs can just feel like “suits”. But upon doing some tests to try get the suit to move, I just thought it looked really funny. I’ve never attempted a comedy before, it was an excellent chance to give it a go.”

He added: “If I hadn’t had the time at uni to experiment with filmmaking it would’ve been a completely different picture. Alister now hopes to take the film on a tour of the festival circuit and hopes to screen the film at the Ceredigion Museum.