A GROUP of walkers say they have captured a mysterious unidentified flying object in the skies above Cardigan Bay over the weekend.

On the evening of Saturday, 9 July, Katie Moore, 29, and four of her friends decided to go for a walk around the Morfa Farm caravan park in Llanrhystud where they were staying.

The group stopped to admire the beautiful sunset sky - but little did they know they were to witness something none of them could have imagined.

As the sky glowed in pinks and oranges, at 10.40pm the group saw a mysterious object appear in the sky.

Speaking to the Cambrian News, Katie said: “There were five of us having a stroll around the site when we stopped to look at the view of the sea and the lovely pink sky it was so clear you could see far, far up and down the coast then all of a sudden this dark shape appeared in the sky and we couldn’t quite make out what it was.

“I got my phone out to zoom in to see it better and then took a picture to show the others but as I was taking the picture it disappeared,” she said.

The strange object which hung dark in the sky, disappeared from view before reappearing only moments later.

“We walked a bit further down and it reappeared for a couple of seconds then it was gone again. We were a bit confused as to what it might have been because as quick as it came, it was gone again. There were no lights on it and it was dark, we think it might have been some kind of unidentified flying object.”