Having failed to see commonsense, logic or the link where the Ysgol Bro Hyddgen school language proposal reflects the needs of our community through the broad spectrum of a prism of society and not the narrow view of a telescope, I’ve come to the conclusion that from Welsh government down to local politicians and even some governors can’t be of this world.

I must apply a science fiction approach to their thought patterns by likening them to a battle scene from Star Trek.

We have the Klingons in the form of the nationalists firing photon torpedos and fazer guns whilst using their ‘cloaking device’ in the form of the lie ‘it’s nothing to do with us’ despite it being covered in their DNA and fingerprints in the form of an illegal and unpopular blueprint attempt to push this through under the radar without consultation three years ago.

Then we have Powys County Council like the Borg with their collective mindset of one shoe fits all and ‘resistance is futile’ you will be ‘assimilated’. And finally, the Welsh government’s latest brainwave too of amalgamating sciences and English subjects not for the good of the pupils but because their draconian recruitment criteria is like a ‘Vulcan death grip’ on teacher numbers in Wales.

Let’s make no mistake - schools run on numbers - not curriculums, not language. The smoke and mirrors approach might have worked on a classroom level but it’ll fool nobody at the assembly of a new 610-pupil school where there’s only 488 now, and it is and continues to hemorrhage pupil numbers. It can and will close every primary school in the Dyfi Valley and by walking onto this ‘sucker punch’ the supporters of this proposal have created a £48m Trojan horse that in time will metamorphosis into a white elephant.

David Holt Machynlleth

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