As the leader of Llais Gwynedd party on Cyngor Gwynedd,together with the leaders of other groups or party, including the leader of Plaid Cymru, the ruling party, I attended a meeting of the Business Group that meets occasionally. To my utter astonishment we were told about a recommendation to raise councillors’ allowances by 16 percent following next May’s Council elections.

At the time when ordinary families are struggling to make ends meet, how on earth could any person with a conscience justify such thinking?

Certainly, I personally, as well as the other councillors in Llais Gwynedd I know, responded with disbelief at the very thought.When I made my feelings known to the other group leaders about my objections to such an injustice, it was met with a stony silence, overall apart from one who attempted to hurl abusive, personal comments, suggesting that I was all right because I owned a farm and a caravan park.

When local families are struggling to make ends meet, the acting headmaster of Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle, Penygroes, sent out disgraceful letters to several parents who had fallen behind with their school dinners payments, threatening to stop feeding dinners to their children with a few days’ notice.

Most people have responded with disbelief at the insensitive tone and pompous attitude. May I suggest he tender his resignation immediately since his position is untenable and unforgivable.Should there be any link or connection with any official in the county’s education department concerning this letter, then I believe if that is the case they should be dismissed without delay.

Cllr Owain Williams Pwllheli

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