PARENTS at a primary school in Tywyn have launched a petition calling on Gwynedd Council to safeguard a bus service for pupils amid safety fears.

A petition, calling on the council not to implement an axing of funding for a school bus route which runs to the Sandilands estate and the seafront serving Ysgol Penybryn, has been launched by Matthew Cooling of Tywyn.

Gwynedd Council said that “no decisions” have been made about the funding of the route but that the authoirty would “consider the matter in the coming months.”

“Many parents and children attending Ysgol Penybryn, Tywyn rely on the school bus service in order to get their children to school safely and promptly,” Mr Cooling said.

“At drop-off and pick-up time, the area around the school becomes heavily congested with vehicles as there is no designated parking area for parents. By ceasing contribution funding to provide this bus service, the council are encouraging increased usage of cars which will lead to more congestion and more pollution around the school.

“It will also undoubtedly lead to higher instances of late arrivals which will affect the school’s absence reporting figures.

“Gwynedd Council received a 0.9 per cent increase in their funding settlement from the Welsh Assembly and have increased Council Tax by 2.8 per cent this year. They have more money, yet this is another example of cutting services to the bone in South Gwynedd. This time it affects child safety, which is unacceptable - and we call on them to reverse this decision immediately.”

Paula Jones of Tywyn, who has a son at the school, who signed the petition said the bus is “necessary”.

“The main road is too dangerous for him to walk and this will have a major impact on us as a working family,” she said.

“I feel the council are not supporting the school or the community.”

Diane Jones from Tywyn called the decision “ridiculous”.

“The parking situation is already chaotic and where are all of the extra cars supposed to park?” she said.

“This service is relied upon by so many families to get their children to and from school safely.”

A Gwynedd Council spokesperson told the Cambrian News: “No decision has been taken to stop the bus which provides transport for schoolchildren from the Sandilands area of Tywyn to and from Ysgol Penybryn after the Easter holidays.

“The council will be considering the matter over the coming months, and will be sharing any findings with parents and pupils regarding the matter before the end of the school year.”