Ceredigion photographer, Joshua Pedley, captured the moment a massive shark bursts out of the water near the coast at New Quay.

Joshua, known locally as The Wildlife Man, shared his photograph on the Ceredigion Birds and Wildlife Facebook group. He also sent it to the Cambrian News to share with our readers.

Joshua's Facebook post said: "Hold The Front Page! Today [Friday, August 18] at approximately 2.15pm on our boat trip, we saw a MASSIVE shark. This is a thresher shark, one of the most simply exquisite pieces of fish-based engineering out there. With a tail as long as its body, this beast is not only huge, but absolutely gorgeous. We estimate that it was probably between five and six metres long."

Have you seen a thresher shark off the coast of mid Wales, or witnessed any more wonderful wildlife moments in the area? Share your stories and pictures with us at [email protected].