The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to support motorists in rural areas by doubling the scope of Rural Fuel Duty Relief scheme, saving drivers in these areas 5p a litre at the pump.

Rural Fuel Duty Relief helps to bring costs down for drivers in rural areas, who previous research has found spend an average of £800 more on fuel costs a year than those in urban ones.

The scheme is currently applied to just 21 areas across the UK, but does not apply to a single area of Wales despite the obvious challenges facing rural areas.

Fuel retailers in these areas can apply for relief of 5p per litre of petrol or diesel, which is then passed on to consumers through reductions in price at the pump.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been calling on the Conservatives to change this for the last 15 years with former Ceredigion MP Mark Williams having run a long campaign on the issue during his previous terms in Westminster.

The party has proposed a consultation to determine the areas which could receive the new Relief, with the Party having identified Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Carmarthenshire and Gwynedd as areas that could benefit.