SENEDD members have been receiving 'abusive and threatening' messages over their stance on the 20mph speed limit rollout since its rollout on Sunday.

Speaking in Cardiff Bay on Wednesday afternoon, Llywydd of the Senedd and Ceredigion MS, Elin Jones, started the plenary session with a statement over the messages received by some members.

She said: "Overnight I have become aware of several members - myself included - receiving abusive and threatening messages on social media, email and telephone, due to their stance on this topic.

"Our staff have had to deal with much of this this morning.

"Whilst it is encouraging to see unprecendented interest in our petitions committee and its work, we all have a duty to ensure that public debate in Wales is measured, dignified and respectful.

"For us in this chamber, that means setting the tone for how we expect others to express their views – whatever their stance on this matter or any other matter and that we do that that does not demean or undermine any individual.

"I have received representations from one member about the conduct of another member during yesterday’s proceedings and have corresponded with both individuals accordingly.

"I will conclude by urging members to bear all of this in mind when articulating their views in the chamber and, in turn, influencing how others do the same outside it."

20mph speed limits were introduced across Wales in built up areas on Sunday and have been met with opposition, with close to 290,000 people signing a petition calling for the scheme to be rescinded.

When asked if he would withdraw the scheme on Tuesday, First Minister, Mark Drakeford simply replied 'no'.