Plans to expand the Senedd and change the voting system moved a step closer, but MSs called for urgent action to address a lack of accountability.

The Senedd voted on amendments to the members and elections bill, which would increase the size of the Welsh Parliament from 60 to 96 members.

Under the bill, the 32 constituencies that will be used in the next general election would be paired to create 16 for the 2026 Senedd poll, with each returning six members.

However, proposals to introduce a recall system and make it illegal for Senedd members or candidates to deliberately deceive the public were withdrawn at the eleventh hour.

MSs held a stage-three debate, the final opportunity to alter the reforms, on 30 April ahead of a crunch vote next week which coincides with 25 years since the first Senedd election.

Welsh Government Counsel General Mick Antoniw said future votes will be more proportional than the current additional member system, which uses a mix of first-past-the-post constituencies and regional party lists.

MSs will hold a final stage-four debate on the amended version of the bill on 8 May, with parliamentary arithmetic suggesting the reforms will get the go-ahead.