AN actor from Blaenau Ffestiniog whose eye became infected when dirt got underneath his contact lens said he is getting better, but recovery is “a waiting game”.

Callum Evans (pictured) was having a bath on 19 July when dirt got into his eye. Several days later his eye had swollen to the point he was unable to see.

He told the Cambrian News that his vision is still yet to return in the infected eye.

Callum said: “Two weeks in now and still on the same treatment.

“I’ve got two antibiotic drops to take and steroid drops.

“Unfortunately still can’t see through the eye as it’s still blurred but weirdly it is getting better.

“I’m hoping after my follow up appointment I don’t need to get surgery.

“It’s frustrating because I don’t know whether surgery would be better or just letting it heal will be better. It’s just a waiting game I’m afraid.”

However, Callum, who has appeared in the West End, remains positive, despite the situation.

He added: “I’m getting tired very quickly from using just the one eye.

“It hasn’t knocked my confidence though as I’m staying as positive as I can and doing everything I can to stay in routine.”