‘Ridiculous’ car park fines ‘killing village’

By Chris Betteley   |   Reporter   |
Thursday 20th May 2021 2:16 pm
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More people have come forward to express anger over fines issued at a car park in Llangrannog including a woman who was just passing through the car park to get to work, and a claim the machine has been out of order with a fine still issued.

The Cambrian News reported earlier this month how a lawyer who overturned an “unfair” parking ticket in Llangrannog car park said she was “shocked at the number of people who have come forward to say they received unfair fines too”.

Sara Powell, from New Quay, received a fine for overstaying in the car park, managed by One Parking Solutions, despite leaving within the time limit of her ticket.

This week Shan Davies said her daughter Megan, a university student who works in Llangrannog during the holidays, was issued with a £100 fine for driving through the car park.

Shan said they were appealing against the ticket but called the situation “shocking”.

“It has been going on for years and it is killing the village,” she said.

“My daughter received a £100 fine in the post on 9 April for just driving through the car park.

“It really is ridiculous and happening more and more recently.

“This is common land and people shouldn’t pay to park anyway, it’s so bad for the village.

“Enough is enough.”

One Parking Solutions has come in for heavy scrutiny over their handling of charges at the car park for several years.

In September 2019, Ceredigion MP Ben Lake met with “disgruntled” Llangrannog residents who said unfair parking notices were having a negative impact on the community.

The Cambrian News reported, in August 2019, that motorists were receiving fines because the ticket machine did not work and they did not have phone signal to pay via the app or phone.

Tourist Darren Hatton, another to take up his case against the parking company, said he was fined despite the machine being out of order.

“I am one of the people fined for visiting this car park,” he said.

“I have paid the £60 after having an appeal rejected by OPS Ltd as I didn’t want to end up paying £100.

“However, I have additional evidence of the machine not working six weeks after the initial incident.

“The facts are I stayed at the car park for less than an hour, paid for one hour stay via the app, but not within the 10-minute grace period.”

In a letter to Ceredigion MP Ben Lake, Mr Hatton said the ongoing problems at the car park were ruining visitor experiences.

“For such a beautiful area, it is very disappointing that this small community and its local businesses that you represent will lose out of trade in the long run, because of the actions of the few,” he said.

Sara Powell told the Cambrian News earlier this month that “clearly if there is an issue with the machine then this may apply retrospectively” and she was “shocked by the number of people who had received unfair fines, ones they felt they shouldn’t pay”.

One Parking Solutions has not responded to questions from the Cambrian News over the management of the car park.

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