A LAMPETER mum claims her children have been unable to play in the garden and their dog has become “seriously unwell” after a seven-year wait on a housing association to fix a “sewage” leak.

And Kathryn Wyard, of Bro Tawela in Silian, said her son has been left living in a bedroom with a leaking roof after Tai Ceredigion failed to fix a hole properly.

Mother-of-four Ms Wyard, whose two older children have moved out, said her 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son have been unable to use the garden because “greywater sewage”, which she says is her neighbour’s waste washing water, has been flowing into her garden like a “river”.

And Ms Myard said she has been hit with a £400 vets bill after the family pet dog, Jasper, a 12-year-old cavalier King Charles spaniel, contracted an infection from bacteria in the waste water.

“I have a dog that has been seriously ill due to the stuff coming into the property,” she said. “My son, who has ADHD, has water coming into his bedroom.

“All they have done is said that the previous seven years is down to me. I have had a river coming out the side of the house. My two children can’t use the garden because of the water.”

Tai Ceredigion said it was in the process of installing a drain at the side of Ms Wyard’s home and had met with Ceredigion County Council officials to discuss the problem with the owners of the neighbouring property, which is privately owned.

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