ABERYSTWYTH Town Council is to ‘offer assistance’ to the county council in a bid to keep public toilets open in the town.

Following a meeting on Monday evening, town councillors agreed to offer assistance to Ceredigion County Council to ensure the toilets in the town remain open – and requested a transition period as they look to formally adopt the toilets in the future.

Aberystwyth has three public toilets; Park Avenue; the castle grounds and the public shelter along the promenade.

Ceredigion County Council has written to all town and community councils asking them to take on more services in a bid to strip down county council expenditure.

In a Facebook post, Aberystwyth mayor, Cllr Kerry Ferguson said: “The town council last night agreed to offer assistance to Ceredigion County Council to ensure public toilets remain open in Aberystwyth - and with a request for a transition period, and view to look at adopting the toilets in the future.

“The county council budgets are being tightened and tightened again for 24/25 financial year due to a further reduction in funding from the Government and I’m glad that as a town council we are able to step up further to help, and ensure delivery of services for our community here in Aberystwyth & Penparcau.

“I am especially proud of our town councillors and staff, for working collaboratively at how we can offer that support, and building a stronger working relationship with Ceredigion County Council.”

She went on to say that the town council will use its reserves this year, while it looks to alter its budget in 2025/26.

Cllr Ferguson wrote: “We looked at our Emergency Fund, Contingency Fund, underspend and reserves to offer assistance - with a view to have more time for altering our budget in 25/26.

“I cannot make any guarantee that this means keeping every toilet in Aberystwyth open, but I am pleased that we are able to work with Ceredigion County Council to try and work towards that solution.”

Elsewhere, New Quay Town Council has said it will raise its precept in order to pay for seasonal street cleaning and ground maintenance, but gave no mention on the future of the seaside town’s public toilets.

New Quay Town Council said it had agreed to increase the precept by a sum of £1.81 month for a band D property in order to pay for street cleaning and ground maintenance, adding: “New Quay Town Council wish to see the town return to its former glory by taking on these services.

“Tenders for these works will be advertised shortly.”

Ceredigion County Council aims to save £100,000 by axing these services, or pawning them off on community councils to take over the running.