Aberystwyth Town Council has installed 100 growing allotments on a former bowling green along Plascrug Avenue in an effort to “transform” unused land.

The allotments will be offered out to local residents, who will be able to use them to grow vegetables of their choosing. You can apply for a spot on the town council’s waiting list now.

Allotments have been installed at the former bowling green (Cambrian News)

The former bowling green sits on land owned by Aberystwyth University, so a proportion of the allotments will be given to the university.

Other allotments at the site will be given to the NHS. In a town council meeting held on 5 January, councillors considered offering some allotments to Gorwellion mental health services.

In that same meeting, the idea was called “an excellent transformation of disused land.”

Aberystwyth Cllr Alun Williams said: “Aberystwyth Town Council has installed 100 raised bed growing spaces on the former bowling green between the old tax office and Plascrug Avenue.

“The growing spaces are being allocated to people on the Council's allotment waiting list as well as a proportion being given to the University (who own the land) and the NHS.”

To get a spot on the waiting list, contact Aberystwyth Town Council.