Letter to the Editor: I’m not frightened of trans people as R Williams of Llanon (Letters, Cambrian News, 22 February) suggests, hence by definition I can’t be a transphobe, and I have several gay friends so neither am I homophobic.

The trans community have my compassion and sympathy, but yes, also my exasperation. It seems that it is not enough for them to be acknowledged and accepted, they want to be revered and celebrated too.

Why is there a whole month dedicated to Pride (let’s not forget this word also means ‘arrogant or disdainful conduct’) when a day is enough for mothers, fathers and even St David?

There is also a worrying group of men taking refuge under the trans umbrella - including those who experience autogynephilia (sexual arousal when dressing as a woman) and those who like to shock women and children by exposing their genitals.

No doubt they are thrilled at being allowed into women’s only spaces.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Be wary of the ‘inclusivity’ agenda.

Nikky Govier,