AN investigation has been launched after more than 20 snakes and four chickens were found abandoned by RSPCA officers.

The animal charity is now appealing for information after 27 snakes - which ranged from one foot to 17 foot in length - along with four dead chickens were found in Pembrokeshire.

It is unknown if some of the snakes had been alive when abandoned - but when they were examined shortly after being found they were all sadly found to be dead. The chickens were also found to be dead.

One of the snakes found abandoned (RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben )

The RSPCA was contacted on Friday (8 March) after the animals were found at Green Lane, Waterston - which lies in between Neyland and Milford Haven. They were found in boxes, bin bags and some snakes were found in a pillow case.

That evening the council collected the animals and they were taken to Greenacres Animal Rescue, who was provided advice by RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Ellie West, who asked them to double check that the snakes had definitely died and were not just cold. Sadly after attempts to warm several of them up, they were all found to be dead.

The RSPCA is appealing for information (RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben )

The animals were collected by RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Rohan Barker on Saturday (9 March) and they were taken to RSPCA Llys Nini Animal Centre.

The RSPCA is now carrying out enquiries to try and find where the snakes came from.

RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben, who examined all the animals, said: “The snakes ranged from one foot to 17 feet in length and were all in various forms of decomposition.

“I believe all the snakes are of a constrictor type. There were also four dead white chickens found alongside the snakes that I believe were most likely food for the larger snakes.

“I think I can honestly say this is one of the worst things I've dealt with in 25 years. It is very sad to think that these poor snakes could have been suffering for some time.

“This must have been awful for the person who found them, and we’d like to thank them along with the council, Greenacres Animal Rescue and the RSPCA Llys Nini Branch.”

Inspector Hogben said he is now looking to arrange post mortems on some of the snakes, to help determine what may have been their cause of death.

To help the RSPCA with its enquiries, anyone with first-hand information can contact the RSPCA Inspectorate Appeal line on 0300 123 8018, and callers can quote log number 01233065.

Keith added: “We really would appreciate anyone with any information or any dash cam/doorbell footage to get in touch.”