A ROW has erupted in Borth following the cancellation of a Palestinian fundraising event that was due to be held in the village hall.

A day of music and poetry had been organised for later in the month to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians at Borth Community Hall, but following the events of last Saturday, when more than a thousand Israelis were murdered by Hamas terrorists, the hall committee cancelled the booking, saying they did not want to be ‘perceived as supporting terrorism’.

This drew an angry reaction from the community and now an Extraordinary Meeting has been called by the community council to discuss the issue.

The event, which was due to be held on 28 October, has been organised by Jam Pot, who said: “The event is to raise money for providing medical aid for children and families with life threatening injuries being the innocent victims within a war torn area.

“Our only purpose is to provide humanitarian aid.

“Having spent months planning and paying out for publicity material Borth Community Hall have cancelled the event as a result of the terrorist attack in Israel. The rationale being people will think they are supporting the attack.

“Despite our explanation that we are providing medical aid for innocent victims of war the context of their reply is we need to live in the real world.”

Reacting to the news, Borth Community Council said: “Over the weekend, we have been made aware of the cancellation of an event at the Borth Community Hall made by the Borth Community Hall Committee.

“This has lead to councillors asking for an Extraordinary Meeting to be called following messages and emails from residents.

"To clarify, Borth Community Council is not the Borth Community Hall Committee. This meeting is to discuss what has already been decided by them.”

One of the event organisers, Alex Harwood, posted on social media, saying: “I am angry and sad that the committee at the hall is giving a completely false impression, and making out that expediency takes the place of compassion and care for children and families facing extreme suffering. It actually breaks my heart.”

Speaking on the decision not to host the event, Chair of the Borth Sports and Playing Field Association (BSPFA), who run the hall, Ray Quant, said: "My committee members feel it should be a fundraising event which supports both medical sides of the conflict.  "