Letter to the Editor: I first want to congratulate Mr E W ap Elwyn for having the interest in raising this petition to try and get the Welsh Government to change their mind. (Thousands sign petition for Traws link, Cambrian News, 26 April).

In the ‘60s Dr Beeching was a good friend of all scrap dealers who removed the future need for the north-south rail link.We have been neglected by the Welsh Government because, in my opinion, any investment stopped at Carmarthen.

The projected cost of the renewal of the north-south Traws rail link is £1 billion pounds — a small price to pay to remove this area from the isolation that has a great reason for a lack of investment by companies.

At the moment if you want to get to the south, it means going to Shrewsbury and then, after some long time, you get to the south.

To remove our  isolation,which in my mind is contrary to the Welsh Government building a fair and equal Wales, this investment in the rail link is imperative. When will the Welsh Government show us inhabitants that live beyond Carmarthen that it does care. It must press forward the Traws rail link to bring prosperity to Ceredigion.

Those who haven’t signed this petition, please do so for the future of our region.

Ray Blackburne,  Penparcau

 Editor’s note: It’s not just your opinion, Ray. We’ve forgotten people living in a forgotten land.