Young Ambassadors from Aberystwyth’s Wheelchair Basketball Club have secured £20,000 of funding to provide free activities for children in the region.

The ambassadors have been successful in securing £20,000 from Children in Need, through the Youth Social Action Fund, which is a new project that empowers young people to Think up, plan and deliver a community project.

The ambassadors created their own committee, terms of reference and plan which they then delivered in person to Children in Need.

Their project called FUN4ALL will tackle three main topics which the ambassadors identified for Primary school children; Obesity, Mental Health and Inclusion.

Starting on Monday, 17 April the ambassadors will provide fun activities for free at Plascrug Leisure Centre.

They will also provide free activities during school holidays, starting from May half term.

All children will receive a certificate, scratch and sniff stickers and a free T-shirt on completion of six weeks activities.

The session will be integrated activity session for non-disabled and disabled children to take part. 4-5pm will be years 1, 2 & 3 and 5-6pm will be years 4, 5 and 6. The sessions willl be monitored and evaluated by the young ambassadors and they will have a ‘media’ group at the sessions to have fun interviewing the children who take part.

For more information please email:- [email protected]