A woman who was seriously injured after being trapped under her own car in Borth wants to thank members of the public who 'saved her life'.

Mary Andrews from Shrewsbury owns a caravan at Cambrian Coast Holiday Park and is a regular visitor to the Ceredigion village.

Last Monday she was discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for a dislocated hip and knee, four broken ribs and a spine fracture following the ‘traumatic’ accident.

On 22 May, she was returning from Aberystwyth via the scenic route past Clarach on the notoriously narrow and hilly B4572 when she stopped to pick up some free books placed outside a driveway as she came into Borth.

After she parked, the handbrake failed and her Audi A3 began rolling down the steep road with her miniature Dachshund, Elvis, in the front seat.

She desperately attempted to block its progress, but it ran over her.

Mary before the accident
Mary before the accident (Picture supplied)

She told the Cambrian News she didn’t think she was going to survive as she found the entire length of her body trapped underneath the car, supporting its entire weight. The back wheel was inches away from going over her head, she added.

But she says her life was saved by the actions of an off-duty doctor, who was on holiday from Exeter, and the swift work of the emergency services. She is hoping to seek the doctor out and thank him personally.

“I looked behind and the car was moving, so I just panicked and went in front of the car to stop it rolling down the hill and it went over me,” she said.

“The doctor was the first one on the scene. He was really good; he obviously called people and got the help to get me out from under the car – and held my hand all the way through it.

“PC Joe Roberts sorted Elvis for me – took him to the caravan and made sure he had water and food.

“It all happened so quickly so I didn’t get any names. I’m so grateful for everybody who helped me get out from under the car.

“I’m on the mend but my legs are black because the bruising has come out now and the scabs are healing over but my ribs are absolute agony.

“My head was nearly under the back wheel of the car. I don’t know how I got out of it. Thank God I’m still here.

“If that car hadn’t been stopped and it had rolled down that hill, it could have killed other people or smashed other vehicles.”

She said she was trapped underneath the vehicle for 20 minutes until the emergency services elevated the car enough to get her out.

She was airlifted to Royal Stoke University Hospital where she remained for eight days.

Other members of the public were on hand to help release her from under the car and she wanted to thank them too.