What has Plaid Cymru got against Aberystwyth? It’s not like the town’s voters don’t turn out, election after election, and return party-endorsed candidates/ But instead, Plaid Cymru councillors - both at Ceredigion County Council and Aberystwyth Town Council - are intent on running the county’s biggest town into the ground.

Clearly, some people at both councils seem to have it in for the town and won’t be happy until it is a dirty, empty, hollowed out resort that is but a shadow of its former self.

Let’s start with the town council. It has the ridiculous notion that cars and vehicles have no place in the town, and the Plaid Cymru majority has approved spending £60,000 on a study to that end.

How are shopkeepers going to keep their stores open? Businesses meet clients? Hotels welcome guests? None of that matters for a mayor who thinks an Instagram-moment abandoned giant deck chair is economic development.

And now Ceredigion County Council- sorry, the Plaid majority - have decided that key parking spaces in Aberystwyth prom are a nuisance and they have to go. Instead, the Plaid minions have put their blinkers on, listened to idiots at Aberaeron, and ignored the vast majority of people who responded to their half-arsed public consultation on the issue. The council’s cabinet has voted to scrap parking despite a consultation drawing 327 objections and a 726 signature petition against it.

We just hope that all of those, and many, many more, realise that Plaid in Ceredigion doesn’t give a toss about anyone living, working or visiting its biggest town.

The council will introduce parking restrictions in and around south promenade that will see new waiting times introduced in some areas, with double yellow lines replacing parking spaces along a vast stretch of the seafront from the Old College to South Beach.

Remember that the next time some one from Plaid comes calling for a vote. And yes, Ben Lake, that includes you. Your party is destroying Aberystwyth. And if Plaid can’t run a county, how the heck could it expect to run a country?