Fare’s fair — and going the extra mile?

Tuesday 15th March 2022 3:34 pm
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Taxi services in Ceredigion (Cambrian News )

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With the holiday season about to descend on us, I am constantly troubled by the fact that the local Aberystwyth taxi services seem to work with a law onto their own. (Taxi fares could rise after review, Cambrian News, 10 March)

Taxi fares are governed by the local authority. A taxi fare is from A to B — why is that Ceredigion County Council have told the taxi companies that “they have to charge from town to a location for pickup, and then the fare of top of this charge”.

I note there is already a standing charge on a journey before you begin. Why can’t this be the norm if a taxi has to travel from Aberystwyth to, say, Bow Street for a pickup?

Is it fair to add this charge on?

As a customer, I don’t want to pay for a taxi to come from Kingdom Come, when he or she might be sitting around the corner.I want to get from A to B for a “fare” rate.

Shame on you for imposing these extra charges.

Arthur Wynde, Bow Street

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