Much has been made in the UK press and on broadcast outlets over the past 10 days about the cancellation of the HS2 line that would have connected Manchester to London.

For those of us who live in mid and west Wales, that news might as well be from Mars, so little relevance has it to our living conditions here.

The Prime Minister made much to his Conservative party colleagues that the vast sums of money that would have been spent on the high-speed line would be far better suited being spent elsewhere.

Mr Sunak was quick to list a whole slew of projects that would instead benefit from those funds that otherwise would have been spent on HS2.

There were millions for tram lines, bill­ions for improving east-west links, money for projects up and down England.

But for most of Wales? Not a penny.

Long has this publication railed about the sense that Wales only exists along the A55 corridor to the north and the M4 corridor to the south. The rest is a void that is largely forgotten about by Cardiff. And our region certainly does not warrant any recognition by those who move in the corridors of power in Whitehall.

Out of the £50 billion or so outlined by the PM that would be spent on improvement and infrastructure projects, barely a penny came to Wales — and not a brass copper to this region.

All Mr Sunak did was prove us right here at the Cambrian News. £1bn has been earmarked to be spent on converting the north Wales rail line along that A55 corridor to run on electricity — presumably so that second-home owners can get back to England more quickly.

So our north-south rail link that would tie the Cambrian line to the rest of Wales’ network and benefit the entire nation?

Not a penny.

Too bad as the track and route largely exist from Lord Beeching’s time.

That badly needed station in Carno? Nothing.

Money for restoring bus services? Not a penny.

As it is, we will have to wait until at least 2025 for hourly train service on the Cambrian line.

What’s clear is that the people of this region matter little — and warrant less being spent upon from the public purse.

Is it any wonder Plaid Cymru dominate at the polls?