A heavy dose of business propaganda posing as tidings of green joy from Cardiff’s Bute Energy.

They it is who would like to convert some of south Ceredigion’s loveliest countryside into hundreds of square miles of power-station, an industrialisation that would get underway with the imposition of up to 40 of the tallest wind-turbines on a landscape undisturbed and uncluttered some four-and-a-half miles south of Llanddewi Brefi.

Bute are careful to attach to this blasting of the hills a suitably bucolic name - Lan Fawr Energy Park, with its message of action overlain by green peace. Its website headline - Making the Welsh weather work for Wales - introduces a twang of patriotic togetherness. The reality is something else - this aesthetic travesty in the making is political and opportunist - and seriously money-making.

It is Bute’s subsidiary, Green GEN Cymru, which is behind the launch of Green GEN Towy Teifi, a project that proposes to swing a 132kV overhead cable, on gigantic steel latticework pylons, to connect Lan Fawr to a new National Grid substation near Carmarthen, more than 32 miles away.

En route, these intrusive industrial-scale monstrosities will pass close to a string of villages - Llanybydder, Llanllwni, Alltwalis - but this proposed development is not for their benefit.

This is power from Wales for the export market. Swathes of the English population rose up against despoliation of their countryside through invasion of the pylons. The Tory government appears now to have lifted an eight-year de facto ban on new onshore windfarms in England, but strong opposition remains.

As opposition in England rumbles on, Wales is seen by wind developers as a soft option. It’s Wales to the rescue, and Bute and its offshoot know a business opportunity when they see it.

Equally, landowners along the Ceredigion-Carmarthenshire proposed route for the pylons, whose cooperation is essential, have been entranced by the scent of greenbacks.

So: is the irreplaceable beauty of the Welsh countryside for sale? Or, always remembering Cwm Tryweryn, is this a desecration that cannot, and will not, be allowed?