It would be remiss of the Cambrian News if we did not turn the attention of this space this week to the sickening development that took place in Aberystwyth early on the morning of 9 January.

Under the cover of darkness and skulking in the shadows like the coward that they are, a sick individual left a hand-written letter tucked into a pile of wood in the driveway of a home in the town.

Ben Williams, 56, was talking out his bins when he noticed the red-penned letter and its disgusting diatribe.

The coward told Williams to “go back to Brummyland”.

The vile missive, which has been placed in a sealed see-through bag to protect it from the weather, continued: “Iorwerth Ave was once a quiet, pleasant, residential area until a load of s*** from the Midlands hit it.

“Low-life like you should be forced to live in fenced in tinker sites preferably back where you came from.

“Why don’t you take your clapped out, crappy boats, jeeps, cars and your hideous, vomit inducing accents back to Brummyland and please take a few thousand other y** y*** with you.”

Thankfully, the coward who presumably wrote the note and dropped it off, was captured on CCTV footage

The footage and the note are now part of a hate crime investigation underway by police in the town.

What makes the incident all the more disgusting is that the recipient of the note is Welsh and the sentiments in the note couldn’t be more wrong.

Williams has been living in the town for the past 34 years — not that that is relevant in the slightest.

Let’s be clear: This is a sick and disgusting incident that shows that there is at least one deeply troubled individual out there.

There can be no room in Ceredigion, mid Wales, the nation or indeed anywhere within the four countries of the UK, for such vile language.

Whoever you are, know that this newspaper will ensure that you will receive the full glare of publicity when you are charged and appear before our courts.

Make no mistake that you will be caught and you will be brought to justice. And we can only urge our magistrates that when that indeed does occur, that justice will be swift, heavy and truly punitive.

The police are coming for you, coward. And soon.