Tories, oligarchs and a levelling-up money

Saturday 9th April 2022 6:05 am
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Letter to the Editor (Cambrian News )

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I have subscribed the Cambrian News since 1975 and living for all that time in Dolgellau love keeping up with the local news and events.

On the week on 17 March, I was horrified to receive your publication wrapped in a tawdry propaganda sheet obviously put out by the populist Brexit Party currently purporting to be Conservatives.

Surely you should in the interests of impartiality and respect for the population have refused to associate with the ridiculous lies and not contaminated the reputation of your journal.

We all know that the so-called levelling up is a nonsense designed to screen the fact that EU funding will not be replaced.

As the fifth or sixth richest country in the World we have 25 million facing dire poverty and petrochemical companies making 4.5 million per hour, Brexit permitted continued offshore tax avoidance and was in part sponsored by Putin in order to weaken European bonds and we have our local paper in Wales wrapped in a Union Flag scrawled over with lies supplied by the perpetrators of this travesty.

Max Ellis, Dolgellau

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