Wishing a voter had done his homework

Wednesday 23rd March 2022 8:08 am
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Cllr Paul Hinge
Cllr Paul Hinge from Bow Street (Cambrian News )

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I refer to Mr Iwan Jones’s letter (Planners ignore floodplain dangers, Cambrian News, 3 March)
Firstly, may I correct Mr Jones factually, I did not write the article (Progress of Dole plans, Cambrian News, 17 Feb.), therefore I have not looked, as he suggests to be self-congratulatory in respect of the application in Dole on the pages of your newspaper – that would be a style of the reporter writing the article.
Furthermore, as a Councillor I would always do my level best on every occasion to get local people planning consent in the ward I represent and helping them if they so wished to continue to live in the area, whilst ensuring that this is done correctly without favour – as suggested – as I was elected to represent everyone.Next, I wish to allay some of the ‘fears’ Mr Iwan Jones is desirous of stoking-up.
Fact: As a Planning Authority Ceredigion only brings to committee a tiny percentage of the total applications submitted for consideration, the vast majority are decided upon by either compliance or mitigating negotiation.I now come to the application in point.
Had Mr Iwan Jones done his homework he would note that submitted with the application was an independent Flood Consequences Assessment (FCA) actually carried out by one of the companies that Natural Recourses Wales (NRW) employs to carry out their flood mapping. This showed that the proposed site was not going to fall into their out-of-date FCA which is inaccurate and tended, as in most cases, to adopt a blanket approach to dealing with the possibility of flooding.
As an aside, a new FCA for Wales has been undertaken and I’m told that the C2 designation for this part of a small area in Dole has been reassessed and has been lifted — however the whole new Wales FCA has been held back from publication by Welsh Government — with no explanation as to why!
Finally, the application in Dole is for an ‘affordable home’ so is not contrary to planning guidance or policy and it’s on that basis that the application was approved. For clarity ,during the whole process I’m not allowed to vote on the application so the process is clear and transparent.
I hope this information now allows Mr Jones to understand that as an elected representative I’m there to help all the people I represent and always within the bounds of legality.

Cllr Paul Hinge, Tirymynach Ward

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