A COUNCILLOR has renewed his calls for crossings to be installed in three villages on the A487 north of Aberystwyth in a bid to improve safety on the “dangerous road.”

Cllr Alun Lloyd Jones, who represents the Llanfarian ward on Ceredigion County Council, said he has “repeatedly” called for crossings in Llanfarian, Rhydyfelin and Blaenplwyf, and this week again wrote to the officials at the trunk road agency in a bid to see the crossings finally installed.

“I have been the councillor for my ward for over 30 years and have requested many times that road safety is improved along the stretch of the A487 that goes through Llanfarian, Rhydyfelin, and Blaenplwyf.” he said.

“Ideally a pedestrian crossing - light controlled if possible - at Llanfarian, Blaenplwyf, and Rhydyfelin would certainly help on this dangerous road that goes through the three villages.

“Dozens of children cross this road morning and evening to catch the bus to Aberystwyth schools, and again return to their homes in the evening.

“There have been many near-misses as children see their buses approaching and run across the road in case they lose their school transport.

There are more and more developments in the area, and a small new estate is nearing completion in Rhydyfelin which will add to the problems.

“There is a Primary School in Llanfarian, and again the traffic problems morning and evening give great cause for concern.”

As well as the crossings, Cllr Lloyd Jones said that he had been “promised many years ago a footpath between Llanfarian and Rhydyfelin.”

“Not only to provide a safe route to school but to then have a safe walkway between Llanfarain, Rhydyfelin, and on to Penparcau, and Aberystwyth town itself, and all the services, shops that are provided,” he said.

“Elderly and infirm residents also attempt to cross the road at Llanfarian to access the village shop, also young mums with toddlers and babies in prams are involved in this dangerous journey every day.

“If Aberarth can qualify for a light controlled crossing, and a footpath from Aberarth to Aberaeron, I cannot see any reason for declining my very reasonable request.”

He urged officials to give his “very real worries and concerns your sympathetic consideration before there is an accident or worse as a consequence to the lack of basic road safety provision.”