A collaboration of emergency services took part in a rescue mission in the early hours of Sunday, rescuing a man from Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth.

Members of the Coastguard, Dyfed Powys Police, and Aberystwyth Lifeboat took part in the operation after the coastguard received reports at 4:45am that the man was missing.

A spokesperson for the coastguard said: “HM Coastguard responded to reports of a missing man in the Constitution Hill area of Aberystwyth yesterday, 4 February. “Alerted at around 4.45am, Aberystwyth, Borth and Newquay Coastguard Rescue Teams and a lifeboat from Aberystwyth RNLI were sent to the scene to conduct a search, alongside Dyfed Powys Police.

“The man was located safe and well.”

When emergency services arrived on scene, they searched along the top of the hill before they heard the sounds of someone shouting for help.

Unable to see where the sound was coming from, they called for Aberystwyth’s Lifeboat in hopes that the crew on the boat could see him from below.

But the foggy conditions hampered the search.

Racing against the clock and unsure of the man’s exact location, emergency services personnel abseiled the cliff down to the sea.

But still, they found no signs of anyone.

With the possibility of the worst looking more likely by the minute, emergency service personnel at the top of the cliff saw the ‘surprising’ sight of a battered and beaten man coming their way.

It turned out, he was exactly the man they were looking for, and he had scrambled his way back up to the top of the hill.

A spokesperson for the coastguard said: “To our surprise a very bedraggled and exhausted casualty made their way up the path towards Coastguard and Police personnel at the top of the cliff having precariously scrambled his way back up to the path.”

With the safety of the man confirmed, emergency services were able to pack up and leave the scene by 9am the same morning.