A failed attempt to steal money from a pay and display machine at Bwlch Nant yr Arian has resulted in serious damage, leaving the machine unusable.

Natural Resources Wales, who manage the site between Aberystwyth and Ponterwyd, say the attempt took place at some point between Sunday evening and early on Monday morning (17-18 March).

The vandal or vandals attempted to wrench the side of the machine open, possibly to steal any money inside.

Sarah Parry, Visitor Centre Officer, said: "The damage to the machine was shocking.

"The side has been nearly wrenched open, and the machine is very unstable now. We have disconnected the electricity to the machine, covered it, and put barriers in place to keep visitors safe until it can be replaced.

"While the machine is out of order, we ask that visitors pay for their parking in the visitor centre.

"It's obvious that the person or people who did this were determined, but ultimately unsuccessful.

"We empty the cash bin in the machine regularly, so even if they had managed to open the machine, they wouldn't have got much for their effort."

CCTV footage is being supplied to police to help the investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact 101.