The bus service between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen will go electric in the new year.

A fleet of modern electric buses will be introduced on the TrawsCymru T1 route between Carmarthen and Aberystwyth in the new year and a new charging hub will open in Carmarthenshire with new facilities for drivers and the buses.

Supplied by Pelican, the new buses have been extensively tested for the terrain of Wales and will improve the customer experience offering comfortable seats, air conditioning, reading lights, tables and mobile phone charging sockets.

The introduction of these greener buses is another step forward in improving the public transport network across Wales, encouraging people to travel more sustainably and help Welsh Government reach their goals for zero emissions and fighting climate change.

The Deputy Minister for Climate Change with responsibility for Transport, Lee Waters said: “This is great news. The introduction of the new fleet of electric buses will provide a great boost to the TrawsCymru bus service and is an important step in fulfilling our 20-year ambition for a high-quality, multi-modal, integrated, low-carbon network of public transport here in Wales.”

James Price, Transport for Wales CEO added: “This is another key milestone as we continue to transform public transport across Wales. This is the first step in decarbonising the entire TrawsCymru fleet by 2027 and all buses in Wales by 2035.

“It’s great to see the new electric bus on display at this event and in the coming months these modern buses will be in service, improving the customer experience and encouraging more people to leave the car at home and choose to use public transport.”

Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Environmental Service and Carbon Management, Cllr Keith Henson welcomed the news. He said: “Ceredigion County Council is committed to supporting environmentally-friendly travel, and we are pleased to be working with our partners in contributing to fight against climate change and help reduce carbon emissions. “We are hopeful that this will encourage people to use more of the environmentally friendly bus services that become available. “The TrawsCymru network is a prominent flagship feature of the bus network in Ceredigion.

“We look forward to working with the Welsh Government to realise its strategic ambitions and aspirations, as set out in the Llwybr Newydd the Wales Transport Strategy (2021).

“While this refers to improving travel options and opportunities in areas of rural Wales, such as Ceredigion, the reality is we will require a significant increase in the funding that is presently being made available to maintain anywhere near current service levels. 

“Ceredigion County Council is also eager to explore other exciting opportunities such as green hydrogen to fuel the fleet of vehicles we own.”

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services, Cllr. Edward Thomas said: “We are pleased to be working with the Welsh Government and Transport for Wales to deliver the infrastructure and the electric buses. This is an important step forward to help deliver high quality, decarbonised transport on the Welsh Government Traws Cymru – Carmarthen to Aberystwyth service.”