Aberystwyth Deliveroo riders are set to strike this Friday evening over low pay.

On Friday 1 March the town's riders and drivers for the online food delivery company are to refuse all orders that will pay them less than £4.

The strike will start at 5pm until close of business, with riders stating they need to make Deliveroo notice the poor conditions they’re working under.

A rider who did not want to be named said: “The public needs to see what's happening behind closed doors. We’re not asking for much but it needs to be highlighted what's happening.

“Deliveroo is squeezing the riders more than anything else. After insurance and fuel for the riders who drive we would make more money doing nothing. It’s not enough to live on.”

The riders said the strike will not affect the customer's delivery charges on Deliveroo, but may delay their orders by 15 to 20 minutes.

According to the riders, Deliveroo is currently offering them £3.15 per order regardless of how far the ride is, despite their contracts stating they would be paid based on distance.

Riders need to make an average of £15 per hour to meet the national minimum wage of £10.42, to account for their vehicle expenses.

One rider said they were left in tears after fees started becoming lower and lower a month ago.

Some are starting seeking employment elsewhere, whilst the “loyal riders” are being hit the hardest with the drop in fees and drop in morale over the job they used to love.

Riders are now having to work more and more hours per week to make the same they made a month ago.

In order to make the delivery giant pay attention, all riders in Aberystwyth will reject orders below £4, hoping to force the company to send orders with improved fees to maintain their business during one of the busiest operating periods of the week.

Deliveroo has been contacted for comment.