Amendments to plans to build a Home Bargains discount store in the centre of Cardigan have been given the go-ahead by county planners.

Ceredigion County Council’s Development Management Committee, at its May meeting, had backed a recommended approval of an application by T J Morris Ltd to build the discount retail store at Bath House Road.

Planners heard the national discount retail chain would create up to 100 full time and part-time jobs in Cardigan and will create £6 million of investment in the private sector; the nearest other Home Bargains store is some 22 miles away in Carmarthen.

Home Bargains has become one of the biggest privately-owned companies in the UK and has more than 550 stores throughout the UK, with plans to expand to over 1,000 stores.

The application has previously proved contentious locally, with some town councillors vehemently opposing it, one saying it would result in money “going out of the town to England,” while others have supported it.

The application – supported by Cardigan Town Council – sought full planning permission for the erection of a single-storey retail unit along with access and servicing arrangements, a 184-space car park, landscaping and associated works.

One objection has been received, focusing on noise, traffic and pollution. Concerns were also raised regarding security and impact on businesses selling similar items within the town.

A retail impact assessment stated the proposal “is unlikely to have a major adverse impact on the long-term vitality of Cardigan town centre, due to its proximity to the town centre boundary with high possibility of linked trips – both vehicular and pedestrian – between the development site and other uses within the town centre”.

It added: “Instead it is likely that a substantial proportion of the proposal’s turnover will be derived from expenditure that is currently being directed to facilities further afield.”

Since then, a request for amendments to conditions to the approved plans have been submitted, and approved.

The amendments include a discharge of a refuse storage condition and minor changes including a reduction in the building parapet height, the location of the plant, the landscaping scheme and the building elevations.