The replacement of four manned tills with self-checkouts at a supermarket in Aberystwyth has prompted outrage.

Morrisons shoppers have taken to social media to vent their frustration and express their concern that jobs may have been lost as a consequence. The firm confirmed to the Cambrian News that none have been.

The supermarket is believed to have replaced tills eight to 14 – two of which were already self-checkouts. A spokesperson said the decision was made because an increasing number of customers now opt to use self-scanners.

Hundreds of people have commented on a series of Facebook posts and customers have written in to the Cambrian News about the issues.

Commenters are concerned about the inconvenience of having to checkout themselves, the loss of communication with staff working on the check outs and what many are describing as ‘corporate greed’ and cutbacks across the sector.

A. Fitzgerald wrote into the Cambrian News complaining about the rise of self-checkouts at supermarkets in Ceredigion.

“Since I want people who work in these places to keep their jobs and would much rather interact with a human being than a machine, I always make a point of using the manned check-out. It might take a bit longer, but it’s a matter of principle,” they wrote.

“On top of this, both supermarkets (and no doubt others as well) now have in-your-face CCTV cameras at the self-service check-outs. Not only does this suggest that all customers are presumed to be potential shoplifters; it also raises questions about other sinister purposes for such cameras...

“Surely, it’s time for customers to take a stand and to boycott self-service checkouts. If lots of us made this our new year’s resolution, we could force supermarkets to think again.”

Many on social media said they would never use self-service checkouts at Morrisons out of principal and because ‘it is not their job’.

But others made light of concerns and suggested they often preferred self-scanning.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "We are committed to providing choice for our customers on how they want to checkout and pay for their shopping. Over recent years more and more customers have chosen to use self checkout options, therefore we are ensuring we update the number with a mix of payment points to ensure we are serving customers how they want.

"Self scan means we are able to have more pay points open more of the time improving service speed, but we will always have colleagues around to support our customers and to operate serviced tills for those who wish to be served this way."