A proposal to use diggers to shift sand from Barmouth beach would be ‘a start’ to solving some of the seafront’s problems but more must be done to clean up the town, residents say.

The level of the beach is dropping at the north and rising at the south thanks to sediment.

If approved, a consultation by Natural Resources Wales will see excavators on the beach twice a year over the next five years to move sand from the south of the beach to a dune or the north end of it.

Glyn Jones said he suggested this years ago but even if adopted now, “sand still blocks drains onto the beach and water still pools on the promenade”.

“Having sand and grass on the promenade looks a mess, and makes people think if they can’t be bothered, why should I?”

Mags Hills said: “The dunes and sand need clearing from the beach wall and the drainage cleared so water can run from the prom.”

Mags and Glyn raised the state of the prom with us in January but Mags said: “The prom is still a mess with sand dunes and sand still up to the wall so no drainage from the prom and stagnant water that stinks.

“Easter is upon us and the prom hasn’t been cleared, the steps to the beach are still covered so there’s no easy access and dog poo and rubbish bins are overflowing. The council seem to be reactive, not proactive. I had to report overflowing dog bins every two weeks in the park and kids play area.

“Council tax has gone up and less is being done.”

Gwynedd Council said thanks to Glyn and Mags for drawing attention to overflowing bins and say council staff will deal with bins “as a matter of urgency”.

If bins are full, they ask people to take rubbish to another bin or take it home to dispose of it responsibly.

Dog owners should “do the right thing” and bag and bin poo.

“In relation to the build-up of sand from the beach, we recognise that this can be a nuisance and prevent people from using the local amenities and we have a work programme in place to manage the situation and to clear away the sand and stone. However, at this time of year, it can be difficult to manage, especially given the number of storms we have experienced over recent weeks.”